ECO-Effect Awards


The celebration of a quantitative and qualitative ECO-Effect.  Recipients must quantitatively positively affect both the ECOlogy and ECOnomy of their environment and “ECHO” their actions to other groups.


These awards will be given for quantitative and qualitative demonstration of the “ECO-Effect”.  This is defined by showing a quantitative positive effect on the environment (could be a reduction of carbon footprint, less use of fossil fuels, reduction of garbage, etc.) plus a quantitative positive effect on the economy through a current or eventual economic savings.

Qualitatively, the recipient would demonstrate an “ECHO” by their actions, i.e; sharing their ECO-Action with others, i.e; home, school, community, etc.

What The ECO-Effect Awards Are Not!

We do not set standards; therefore ECO-Effect Awards will not be awarded based upon any milestones.

Procedure to Qualify:

Any entity can apply for an award, but must demonstrate their positive effects.

The ECO-Effect Advisory Board will analyze results and determine the recipients “ECHO” effect.

The following criteria will be judged:

1/3 – ECOlogical Impact

1/3 – ECOnomic Impact

1/3 – ECHO

Award Submittal Form

(NOTE:  You must be 18 years of age or older to make an ECO-Effect Award submission.  Adults can submit on behalf of children).

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    August 23, 2013
    If every gas-heated home were properly caulked and weather-stripped, enough natural gas would be saved each year to heat another 4 million homes.
    August 22, 2013
    Do you want some new clothes for this back to school season? Try trading unwanted clothes with a friend or sibling. You’ll each get a new wardrobe while saving money and keeping clothes out of our landfills.