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ECO-Effect™: The Greening of Money Book:
The book is geared to both parents and their children. One half of the book (read from one side) is for the parents with ECO-Effect™ tips for children in the home and at school to become “Citizens of the World”.  The other half of the book (turned to the other side and read the other way), is dedicated to the children with ECO-Effect™ tips for home and school.  The book is filled with activities and fun projects, which parents and kids can do together.

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Tree Seed-Embedded Card:
These are tree-shaped cards embedded with White Pine and Blue Spruce seeds. Plant under a thin layer of soil and water daily until seedlings are well established. (Germination time is 1 – 3 weeks.) Take a photo of the planting and visit our e-forest to input your tree location so that it can be featured on our global e-forest map. The culmination of these planted trees will be a virtual e-forest, which will provide an eye-opening visual impact of this worldwide movement to take social action.

ECO-Effect™ “What’s Your ECHO?” Bracelets:
These are bracelets that raise ongoing consciousness among youth to keep pursuing “Greening” activities in their communities and remind them to “ECHO” ideas to their home, school, and the world.

ECO-Effect™ Conversation Cards:
We want you to think about all the ways in which together, adults and youth can save money (ECOnomics) while also saving the planet and all living things on it (ECOlogy). These are “Conversation Cards” for elementary/middle/high school students and their parents (as well as grandma and grandpa!) to get you thinking and talking about “Green”.  Use them to “ECHO” your ideas with the next generation!  Start thinking and talking!

ECO-Effect™ Family Value Mission Statement Cards:
These are cards for children and parents to create a family plan to take action to green their environment and build their own ECO-Effect™ goals.