Begin your ECO-Effect Lessons at home.  These lessons accompany the ECO-Effect book which helps the whole family to:

  • Build an ECO-Action Family Goal Statement.
  • Help your children to become ECO-Action Citizens-of-the-World.
  • Coach your children to become ECO-Action Detectives to uncover all the problems that need fixing, EEK’s.
  • Research the costs to fix EEK’s.
  • Work to fix the EEK’s to turn them into EEP’s or ECO-Effect Points!
  • ECHO your ideas to others.
August 23, 2013
If every gas-heated home were properly caulked and weather-stripped, enough natural gas would be saved each year to heat another 4 million homes.
August 22, 2013
Do you want some new clothes for this back to school season? Try trading unwanted clothes with a friend or sibling. You’ll each get a new wardrobe while saving money and keeping clothes out of our landfills.
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